New Chronograph Series “C”: Chronograph of “Lines and Numerals,”
Designed by Ichiro Iwasaki


SEIKO NEXTAGE CO., LTD., announces that the ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project, a consistent source of creative watches by world-renowned designers from diverse fields, will on June 10, 2016, release a new series – “C” – designed by leading Japanese product designer Ichiro Iwasaki.

For its 14th series, the ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project offered Ichiro Iwasaki, a professional equipment designer, the challenge of squarely taking on the chronograph design.

Trying to achieve a quality watch in a conventional style but with a beautiful face, he sought a high level of readability through delicate numerals and markers.


〈”C” product concept〉

“I thought that the more thoroughly I tried to reestablish a “real” chronograph, the more beautiful it would be.

I removed unnecessary elements to isolate the pure chronograph, and found that lines and numerals became more conspicuous as they are in musical scores and mathematical formulas.

“Pure lines and numerals exist beyond time, place and gender. This is the image of the chronograph I was looking for, a chronograph of lines and numerals: ‘C.’”  Ichiro Iwasaki


《Product Characteristics》

■ Face with pure “lines and numerals,” nothing extraneous

Adhering rigorously to the essence of a timepiece, the dial face consists of lines and numerals only, with the hour and minute hands ticking time slowly above it. For the time to be readable in any circumstance, luminous hands are used to provide utmost readability as an analogue chronograph.


■ Genderless, single size

Reflecting the stoutly framed image of the ISSEY MIYAKE brand, the collection presents moderately genderless one-size watches combined with bands of various materials and colors.

The simple, light body fits and rests comfortably on any size wrist.


■ Replacement bands synchronizing with season, scene and mood

Incorporating the keyword “DAY” into the design concept, Iwasaki set out to make a watch that anyone would want to wear at any time in any place.

Anchored by the two dial colors, the basic choice is black or white model. The user, then, can change the band with various options to enjoy wearing the watch longer.

Replacement bands will be sold separately.

<ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project>
Launched in 2001, the ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project has produced characteristic series of watches under the overall direction of ISSEY MIYAKE through collaboration between globally renowned designers, including Shunji Yamanaka, Harri Koskinen, Tokujin Yoshioka, Naoto Fukasawa, Ross Lovegrove and Yves Behar, and Seiko Nextage Co., Ltd.

ichiro_iwasaki Ichiro Iwasaki (Product Designer)
Born in Tokyo in 1965.
He started his career at Sony Design Center, afterwards moved to Italy and worked at several design studios in Milan.
After returned to Japan, in 1995 he set up IWASAKI DESIGN STUDIO in Tokyo.
Since its founding, he has been collaborated with manufacturers both within and outside Japan, and involved in highly versatile product designs
ranging from stationaries, household goods, tableware, furniture, lighting and electronic devices such as digital cameras and mobile phones.
He has been awarded a large number of major international awards, including Japan’s Good Design Award・Gold, iF Design Award・Gold and German Design award・Winner.















Ref. Case material band material(Color) カラー
NYAD001 ステンレススチール Stainless steel Black
NYAD002 White
NYAD003 Genuine Leather(Black) Black
NYAD004 Genuine Leather(Brown) White
NYAD005 Nylon(grey) Black
NYAD006 Nylon(dark Brown) White
Case size: [Case diameter] 42.2 mm [Thickness] 12.2 mm
Function: Indication(Hour/Minute/Second)、Stopwatch function (measures up to 1/10 minutes in 60 second increments)

Specifications common to all models
Water resistance: 5 bar
Accuracy: Average monthly rate of ± 20 seconds (when worn on the wrist at normal temperature range between 5˚C and 35˚C)

Contact InformationSEIKO NEXTAGE CO., LTD.
Product Planning & Advertising Dept.

ISSEY MIYAKE watch Website

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