Celebration the 15th Anniversary of WIRED “Remake” Models of First Chronographs to be Released


TOKYO, Japan –March 19, 2015 March 19, –SEIKO NEXTAGE CO., LTD., announces that on June 12, 2015, in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the WIRED brand, it will nationally release five “remake” models of its first chronograph watches, through the Seiko Watch Corporation, at suggested retail prices of 19,000 – 21,000 yen plus tax in Japan.

 Having debuted at Baselworld in 2000 and been released both domestically and internationally on June 15, 2000, WIRED is a fashion watch brand with the theme of “From Japan to the World.”

 WIRED appeared at a time of explosive popularity of the Internet and kaleidoscopic changes in culture, fashion, business and so much more. With its innovative designs, high levels of performance for the price, and active collaborations with diverse businesses, WIRED established a new form of communication appealing to the sensitivities of the day’s young generation.

 Throughout its 15 years of history, with new models being released at Basedworld every year, WIRED has enjoyed the loyalty of its customers, primarily college students, as consistently stylish and distinctive fashion watches.

 To celebrate its 15th anniversary, the most popular chronograph models at the time of the debut have been remade and will be released.
The original external styling – instantly praised as novel and near-futuristic – is essentially unchanged. As commemorative models, some details have been upgraded to symbolize the evolution the brand has achieved during these years.


≪Characteristics of Products≫
■ Homage to original design

 In the year 2000, when sports watch designs featuring irregular cases and shapes – popularly represented by divers’ watches – were the main stream, a simple dome shape that looked like a slice of a sphere drew widespread attention as “near-futuristic.”

 Keeping the design of that time – from the overall form, to the shape of the small dots and hands on the dial, to the crown with an engraved “W” – the “remake” models have cases larger by 1-mm (outer diameter), matching preferences in today’s watch market.



■ Upgraded details

 Instead of the carved, raised WIRED logo in the original models, the remake models have a laser inscribed “SINCE2000” mark at the 9 o’clock position, in celebration of the 15th anniversary.

The solid stainless steel watch band has replaced the folded stainless steel band, enhancing the texture and comfort greatly.


■ ”BEAMS,” the first collaboration partner

 At the launching of WIRED, development of collaboration models was first started with BEAMS, a pioneer of select shops and specialized shopping, as a powerful, attractive collaboration partner.

 BEAMS has been a force on the youthful fashion scene across the country with its keenly honed sensitivity and untiring concern for excellent design. When the name BEAMS endorsed WIRED’s concept and potential, the memorable first collaboration model was born.

 That collaboration brought forth a massive response. The series “WIRED featuring BEAMS” was released, and the 18th model appeared in November 2014.

 There is a special BEAMS model among the 15th anniversary releases. Vivid orange from the first collaboration model is also used for the dial this time, and a BEAMS mark is arranged at the 4 o’clock position. In further detail, only the number 15 on the calendar is orange. On the case back, a 15th anniversary mark incorporating BEAMS and WIRED is laser engraved.

* This model is sold at all BEAMS stores and by other watch distributors around the country.


* About BEAMS

 In 1976, Beams opened its first 10 m2 retail store in Harajuku. As one of the first stores to curate a collection of different brands from around the world, Beams pioneered the concept store trend, commonly known as ‘select shop’ in Japan. They first focused on just casualwear, importing specially selected ranges from the US, but have since expanded into mens-, womens-, kids- and maternitywear, as well as lifestyle products and even music.

 Operating about 140 shops across Japan as well as flagship stores in cities including Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Beams is now one of the leading forces in Japan’s fashion industry, offering an eclectic range of styles from both its in-house brands as well as designer imports. As such, the brand has built a reputation for delivering a global view through unique curation. And, as a shopper, what could make you happier than knowing you’ve got the most well-rounded, globally relevant wardrobe out there? As the Beams slogan says, they’re the ‘happy life solution company’.












<WIRED> “Remake” Models of First Chronographs in Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of WIRED Brand

Ref. Suggested retail price in Japan Case/band material Dial color Hand color
AGAV115 ¥19,000 + tax Stainless steel Blue Silver
AGAV116 Blue green
AGAV117 Yellow
AGAV118 White Blue


<WIRED> “Remake” Model of First Chronograph in Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of WIRED Brand Limited edition model

Ref. Suggested retail price in Japan Case/band material Dial color Number of units sold
AGAV794 ¥21,000 + tax Stainless steel Orange 900

[Specifications common to all models]
Case size: [Case diameter] 40.9 mm [Thickness] 12.1 mm
Easy-Adjust Band*
Water resistance: 10 bar
Accuracy: Average monthly rate of ± 15 seconds (when worn on the wrist at normal temperature range between 5˚C and 35˚C)
Additional function: Stopwatch function (measures up to 12 hours in 1/20 second increments), split time measurement function

* Easy-Adjust Band:
Metal band whose length can be adjusted easily by the user using the dedicated tool included with the watch. It eliminates the need for visiting a watch retailer for band adjustment, making the watch with such band suitable as a gift.


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